What Do We Mean by “Colors Evoke Feelings” Play this game see if you can name 5 more feelings that come to mind

Red – Love, Stimulated, Physical, Strength, Danger – try Pink or Brick

Orange – Warm, Active, Dynamic, Welcoming, Boldness – try Pale or Light Orange

Yellow – Cheerful, Optimism, Positive, Sunshine, Light Source – try Pale or Light Yellow

Green – Wealth, Cool, Envy, Expansiveness, Harmony – try Hunter or Yellow Green

Blue – Cool, Peaceful, Water, Loyalty, Protecting – try Ice Blue or Denim

Purple – Regal, Power, Sophistication, Creativity, Reverence – try Eggplant or Lavender

Black – Dramatic, Mystery, Empty, Dark, Finality – try Glossy or Matte

White – Clinical, Innocence, Purity, Enlightenment Reflective -Try Pearl or Lace

Brown – Earth, Casual, Natural, Dull, Sturdy – try Sandy or Chocolate

Gray – Ill, Deliberate, Steady, Resolute, Neutral – try Battleship or Slate

How did you do with our game? I bet 5 feelings were too easy!

Questions Color Consultants Ask:

How do you want to feel when we are in the room?

Which colors will help achieve that mood?

Do you want the room to relax or excite?

Do you want the room as a setting for reading and conversing or do we want to utilize the room for playing video games and exercising?

Next we will turn our attention to the Atmosphere of Color.