How Valuable is Staging Recently, the National Association of Realtors reported that 94% of homes staged by a professional staging company sell in 29 days or less for a full price offer. The average un-staged home? 145 days for 5-6% less than the asking price!

Staging Always Costs Less Staging is worth your investment. Five percent of a $250,000 property is $12,500. Investing in staging always costs less than the average 5% price reduction of your asking price.
What is Staging The property must be move in ready. People looking at your property are buying space that they can envision themselves enjoying, living in and making a new beginning. Most people have difficulty imagining their belongings where yours are so dominant … so they are limited by what they see. Staging a home for sale makes use of proven techniques to present your property in the best possible light.

Getting People In the Front Door When people arrive at your property, the first thing they see is the landscape, the exterior paint and roof. If the property isn’t attractive and well-maintained, people assume the inside looks even worse. It’s like going to a hotel or motel, the rooms are never, ever in better condition than the lobby. If the potential buyer’s impression is “it does not come up to standard”, most simply don’t bother unlocking the door and simply move along to the next property on their tour.

At the Front Door Once prospective buyers get to the front door, the exterior and interior entrance should be set memorably and create a visual impact. The entrance sets the mood for the home … for their visit and their later discussion of your home.

Hiring a Staging Professional We have outlined here the benefits of hiring a staging professional and outlined some general tips. To tailor staging and design principles to your situation and budget, Sapphire Design Build encourages you to contact our strategic partner, Spade and Archer, who excel in staging homes 503.841.7506.