Balance In Design.

You know it when you walk into a room … the space feels inviting and comfortable. If balance is absent, you might feel fidgety … uneasy and not quite right. Appropriately balanced color together with balance in furnishings, textures and patterns offers a harmonious environment.


Accents also help to balance patterns and add visual excitement that completes a theme. Accents come in many forms, including window treatments, rugs, artwork, pillows, bedding, and linens, not to mention the countless accessory options possible for every room. These contribute to the overall balance of a room. As well, paint colors for walls, ceilings, and trim work need to be carefully chosen to complement the overall design.

A Secret Tool

No matter what your color preferences, bold or subtle, color balance is the most important secret in achieving your desired effect. Colors should be carefully balanced … too many colors and the mood created will be one of chaos and stress. The color consultant’s secret tool? Visual talent.

How To Find Color Inspiration

Now that we have considered mood, atmosphere, movement, balance and light, it’s time to select a color scheme. Choosing a look for your home interior is a significant and long-lasting decision; and with the endless array of colors to choose from, where do you begin? The advantage of consulting with the color experts at Sapphire Design Build is the depth of knowledge and understanding of the hue and value options available within each color and which will work best for you and your environment. Choosing a new color scheme can be a daunting task and your local paint store or paint contractor usually will recommend the safe colors for interiors –multiple shade of white or beige. Walls may look fresh and clean, but the room can feel cold and bland. After all your efforts, you want a space that enlivens you!

Questions Color Consultants Ask

What colors are in your closet? What favorite colors do you gravitate to? What color groups are in the rugs and art pieces in the room? What colors are in the fabrics of the furniture? Based on the natural light and lighting a color consultant will begin with just one color and then will then begin to layer in: floor coverings, furnishings and draperies. This new color must be in harmony with the feel of the rest of the home.

Color Consulting

We have just scratched the surface of the factors that need to be considered and begun to clarify how a color consultant’s expert eye can bring all the rooms in your home into a feeling of harmony and unity. Call Sapphire Design Build and we will consult with you to create the perfect color scheme, considering all of the aspects of your home … from the flooring to the countertops, the furnishings and art to the exterior components including the amount of natural light in your home and what views your windows provide. And then collaborating with you on colors to complement you and your family’s personal style. We’ll help you create the mood and atmosphere to go with the flow of your home.

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