Who doesn’t enjoy the comfort and joy of living in a beautiful home that supports and nurtures you and your family? Or the energy of a home designed for entertaining large or intimate groups? Or the sanctuary of a restful home?

Sapphire Design Build will collaborate with you to translate your wants, needs and desires for how you live, work and play in your house into reality. We’ll create an overall plan to transform your space into a home that reflects your own personal style. The right design will give your space the form, function and beauty that turns a house into a home you love to live in. Good Interior design is the art of bringing together the aesthetic, practical and technical expertise, incorporating the best possible use of your space, making the home uniquely your own.

A Home You Love To Live In

At Sapphire Design Build, we have lots of experience incorporating all the various aspects of good interior design into a home you’ll love living in. We listen carefully to our clients and learn their aesthetic. Once we have a clear picture, we collaborate with you to employ the appropriate aspects of architecture, finish materials, furnishings, artwork, and accessories to create the living space that will support and nurture you. At the same time, we keep in mind factors like load-bearing walls, floor construction, budget, the light and weather here in the Northwest and the function of the room. There are many things that contribute to the feel and mood of your home: the `theme’ for the décor, color schemes, paint, wallpaper and wall decoration, carpeting and flooring, furnishings, in addition to window treatments, lighting and plumbing fixtures, among other components, The wrong combination will make the room look like a “hodgepodge” while the right combination of changes will incorporate the components of scale, balance and proportion, in each and every decision made with give you the home you love to live in.

Spectacular Results

The challenge: You love the “bones” of the house but it’s a daunting task to pull all the elements together to create the feeling you want to have when you enter your home. The Sapphire Design Build team is in the position to collaborate with you on fresh ideas for your space. We will work together to create a plan that includes all the necessary components that will have you loving your home every day. We possess a wealth of practical knowledge and experience in addition to fresh ideas from the market and relationships with expert crafts people, manufacturers and vendors.